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Using superior botanical ingredents and environmentally responsible methods, we handcraft a range of natural and certified organic skin care products to nourish the body and indulge the mind.


Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics


What does this mean? Many skin and body care products claim to be ‘natural’ or ‘contain natural ingredients’ or even have the word ‘natural’ as part of the product name.  In fact, very few products on the market today are truly natural containing at least some artificial ingredients.  This suits mass production and enables the cost of production to be minimized. Real natural products need to be preserved naturally which is hugely problematic and the primary reason that most skin care ranges cannot be described as natural.  Unfortunately, the use of the word ‘natural’ is not closely regulated in the same way as the word ‘organic’.  Consumers, therefore, need to be particularly vigilant when selecting a skin care product if they value ‘natural’.  All ingredients should be displayed on the label and be easily identified as being of natural origin.

Our product range is truly natural and certified organic.  This has necessitated sourcing raw material from throughout the world, including New Zealand, to ensure purity, naturalness and quality are of the highest order.  However, ‘natural’ also refers to the production process, which in our case, involves preparing by hand each product in batch lots.

Regardless of what advertisers and labels claim users of genuinely natural products know the difference.

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