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Standards for health and beauty care products launched

A wide range of health and beauty care products will from 1 May carry the Soil Association label, under new standards established by the organisation. Until now, organic standards have only applied to a small number of items, such as bath oils and lip balms. Responding to industry and consumer demand, the Soil Association ? the UK's leading organic organisation - has drawn up standards that can be applied to all types of beauty products, from face creams to shampoos. The Soil Association symbol will assure consumers that products have been independently audited for organic authenticity. Products should be minimally processed and GM ingredients are not permitted. Ingredients and processes that are toxic or have detrimental effects on the environment (such as being non-biodegradable) are avoided.

¡°These new standards are needed so that consumers know which organic products they can trust ? and responsible companies can have their good practice recognised,¡± says David Peace, Managing Director of Soil Association Certification Limited. The standards have been developed over three years by representatives from health and beauty companies, consumer organisations, herbalists, farmers, growers, and the Soil Association. The standards will continue to evolve as increased research and expertise in the field becomes available.

Products containing at least 95% organic ingredients can be labelled organic; products with no less than 70% organic ingredients may be labelled ¡°made with xx% organic ingredients¡±. A number of ingredients and processes are prohibited under the new standards such as:

¡¤ Hydrogenated fat
this process of hardening fat is not allowed under organic food standards and is unnecessary in organic beauty products. Alternatives such as palm oil, which are naturally solid, are permitted.

¡¤ Ingredients of petro-chemical origin.

Any animal products used must be from animals that have been bred under organic standards. Testing of ingredients and products on animals is prohibited, unless required by law.

Organic standards in Europe are set by the European Union. However, the EU standards only relate to products that are from an organic production system and intended for human consumption. The Soil Association has drawn up these new standards, which are voluntary, to satisfy the growing interest from companies in organic beauty products.

To find out more about organic health and beauty care standards, contact Traci Lewis, Business Development Manager, Soil Association Certification Limited on 0117 914 2407 /

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